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TR has designed, developed and patented the EPW, a self-extruding high strength screw for thin sheet metal.

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Dimensional information on over 40,000 products including engineering data and downloadable 2D/3D models. 

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Engineering data on our range of products including installation and tooling guidelines, mechanical and material properties and more.

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TR Fastenings’ Chris Black plays central role in Automotive Supply Chain Roadshow

TR Fastenings, the global specialist in the engineering, manufacture and distribution of industrial fasteners, has been recognised for its excellence and experience in supporting the automotive manufacturing industry.

TR launches the EPW, a self-extruding high strength screw for thin sheet metal

The EPW screw is a self-extruding, high strength thread-form fastener which creates its own female thread in punched sheet metal, thereby dramatically reducing assembly times and costs. 

Trifast plc - Brexit Announcement

Since the announcement of the UK referendum to leave the European Union in 2016, TR Fastenings has been actively working to understand the impact of this decision. 

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