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Security Fasteners; Securing Our Safety

Not unlike standard fasteners, security fasteners’ basic function is to fasten components to their enclosures or to secure product structures together. They are used when it is important that the enclosed components cannot be tampered with or the structures easily removed, if at all, by anyone other than a specialist technician. 

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Electrical Vehicle Charging Units

TR Fastenings has the necessary technical knowledge, experience and extensive product range to support customers involved in the new and exciting business sector supporting the design, development and manufacture of Electric Vehicles with the main focus on the associated charging units. 

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EPW Self-Extruding Screw

Trifast's Viteria Italia Centrale (TR VIC) have developed and patented a brand new self-extruding thread-form called EPW.

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Rotite Technologies

TR is working together with Rotite® with a view to licensing or manufacturing components with the revolutionary Rotite® mechanism. Almost any cast metal or plastic moulded part can be made to incorporate this mechanism.

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