Singapore Manufacturing

The TR Group Manufacturing Facilities

TR has 8 manufacturing locations globally, 6 in Asia and 2 in Europe. A third of our employees are manufacturing based, which provides us with a wealth of support and technical knowledge on product, materials and processes.

Our manufacturing plant in the UK exclusively makes TR Hank rivet bushes. Our other sites produce high volume, high quality, cold forged screws and components. Production capabilities range from 0.6mm diameter micro screws to threaded components of 22mm, meaning that we can supply a diverse range of products for almost limitless applications.


SFE Taiwan (two sites)

Produce 2.5 billion parts per annum 

TR Formac Logo

TR Formac Singapore

Produce 2 billion parts per annum 

TR Formac Logo

TR Formac Malaysia

Produce 720 million parts per annum 

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TR VIC Italy

Produce 1.1 billion parts per annum 


PSEP Malaysia (two sites)

Produce 1 billion parts per annum  

TR Hank


Produce 40 million parts per annum  
One of the key criteria for many global OEM’s is in-house manufacturing. Our facilities allow us to exceed customer expectation and solidify our position as a Full Service Provider. 

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