Weld Products

Easy to install, offering a strong, reliable application. The Weld product range includes both nuts and studs which are designed to offer a permanent female or male thread in sheet metal that is too thin to be tapped by traditional methods.

Weld Products

Weld products are extremely efficient fasteners due to their fast installation time. 

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  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel

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Product Features

  • Weld studs - M2.5-M12 sizes ex. stock – ISO13918
  • Weld Nuts – M4-M12 sizes ex. stock – DIN928 & DIN929
  • Huge stock range
  • High pullout and torsional resistance
  • The hardness of the host material is not an obstacle to installation

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  • When installed the Weld products offer a thread so that both female and male threads can be inserted to hold materials or products together​
  • Can be easily installed using the relevant spot welding machinery
  • Access is required from one side only

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