Cage Nuts

A two-part product, a square nut with a spring steel surround. The cage nut consists of a (usually square) nut in a spring steel cage which wraps around the nut.

Cage Nuts

The cage nut has two wings that, when compressed, allows the cage to be inserted into the square holes, in, for example the mounting rails of equipment racks. When the wings are released, they hold the nut in position behind the hole.

The nut is usually slightly loose in the cage to allow for minor adjustments in alignment.  

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  • Steel - plated

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Product Features

  • M4-M10 thread sizes ex. stock
  • Sheet thickness range – 0.7-3.1
  • Huge stock range
  • The hardness of the host material is not an obstacle to installation  

Product Application (2)


  • When installed the Cage Nut product offers a thread so male threads can be inserted to hold materials or products together. The nut offers adjustment in alignment issues.
  • Can be installed with either the cage-nut-insertion tool or a flat-blade screwdriver
  • Access is required from one side only

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